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Add:No.666 Anju West Road, Huzhen Town, Jinyun County, Lishui City, Zhejiang
P.C.: 321404
Tel: +86-578-3551678
Fax: +86-578-3551608
Email: sxk@
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SCHOTT is a leading international technology group in the areas of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. The company has more than 130 years of outstanding development, materials and technology expertise and offers a broad portfolio of high-quality products. SCHOTT is an innovative enabler for many industries, including the home appliance, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, automotive and aviation industries. SCHOTT strives to play an important part of everyone’s life and is committed to innovation and sustainable success. The group maintains a global presence with production sites and sales offices in 35 countries. With its workforce of approximately 15,400 employees, sales of 1.87 billion euros were generated in fiscal year 2013/2014. The parent company, SCHOTT AG, has its headquarters in Mainz (Germany) and is solely owned by the Carl Zeiss Foundation. As a foundation company, SCHOTT assumes special responsibility for its employees, society and the environment. 

Headquarter in Mainz

More than 100-year ago, the founder of SCHOTT group, Mr. Otto Schott, was known worldwide by inventing varieties of optical glass, which bridged a huge gap in glass science. Till now, Schott group still continues the development in advanced optical glass area, taking the leading position within the industry & expending the innovative technologies to more and more areas.Our true passion for glass is sparked by imagination and fueled by expertise. Whatever you envision, we will find a way to realize it. We are constantly exploring the material glass, with its numerous and very special properties. Be it for perfect illumination or unmatched optical precision, ultimate heat resistance or protection, a unique architectural impression or the combination of glass with other materials: SCHOTT creates solutions that bring unique products and novel applications to life – “glass made of ideas”.

Two production sites located in China:

(1)    Suzhou plant, which produce Ceran® glass ceramics cooktop panels & flat glass panel for gas cooker

(2)    In 2012, Schott and Xinkang founded a JV company—Schott Xinkang Pharmaceutical Packaging Co.,LTD, with its production sites in Suzhou & Jinyun, Zhejiang province. 

Meanwhile, Schott China serve the customers through the sales office in Shanghai, and the CTSC in Suzhou. Nowadays, Schott has more than thousand employees in China.

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SCHOTT XinKang Drugs Packaging Co., Ltd.

Address:No. 8 Left bank industrial district, Huzheng Town, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province
P.C.: 321404
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