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Add:No.666 Anju West Road, Huzhen Town, Jinyun County, Lishui City, Zhejiang
P.C.: 321404
Tel: +86-578-3551678
Fax: +86-578-3551608
Email: sxk@
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SCHOTT Xinkang deliver
 from 1ml to 20ml

Ampoules made of glass

Ampoules are the most common packaging solutions worldwide, and they offer a special benefit: The medication is in contact with glass only and the packaging is 100% tamper-proof. Made of clear or amber SCHOTT Fiolax® glass tubes (borosilicate glass of type I), our ampoules are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Our ampoules are manufactured on high-tech equipment with 100% camera-inspection. They are packed in a protected environment. Our expertise in glass and converting in combination with our qualified workforce ensures the consistent high quality level of SCHOTT ampoules.

SCHOTT Xinkang produces ampoules according to ISO specifications ro according to your special design from 1ml to 50ml in clear or amber glass with different break systems.Several color rings can be placed on the stem or body for identification purposes.
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SCHOTT XinKang Drugs Packaging Co., Ltd.

Address:No. 8 Left bank industrial district, Huzheng Town, Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province
P.C.: 321404
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